Saturday, December 12, 2009

just because im laughing at the joke

doesnt mean you cant learn when to STFU and LET IT GO.cause at one point or another it DOES get annoying.and then its not funny anymore.and then you get serious and want to hurt niggas.and its the people who have made asses of themselves or looked dumb as well trying to blow up ya spot every chance they get thats the funny thing lol but that also makes it more annoying. do i pin point every moment that you do? fuck off. after awhile the joke is dry and dies from you watering it down too much. i dont really say how i feel when people are making jokes of me consistently.but God knows if it was yo ass how quick you’d want to cuss a nigga out as well wither you do or dont.YES i can take a joke if laughed at it that means i can right? i just want you to stfu after awhile cause now its lame :] there’s a difference. if i feel this way its not just because i feel dumb and ya "plan is working" its not only that its just you make the person feel worse and then annoyed.then people wonder why they get called assholes.c'mon cut it out.

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