Thursday, December 24, 2009

Late Night/Early Morning Thoughts.

i always wonder wtf my life will turn out to be.we always have these hopes and dreams of shit but when you get to that point in ya life where shit goes real bad for a very long time even though we are still young you wonder ,will i every get the fuck out of this dark ass cave of disappointment? what is my destiny? what is it that God (if you believe in him..damn atheist of tumblr) or Life wants me to do with myself? are my goals and dreams in actuality what i should be doing? or is it just not for me and im thinking out of my ass? we all have potential.but that doesnt mean that what you want to do is for you.maybe you should be taking another path.or maybe you dont have the drive enough to get there and therefor you wont.i sometimes wonder that,even though in heart i want something so bad that, my laziness and procrastination will get the best of me and i will continue to have a shit of a life.sometimes situations disable you for sometimes from taking that next step until you get to the top.will i ever really get the fuck out of the damn cave,or allow myself to and stop being so damn afraid of rejection?or am i going to be working at a damn burger king with just a GED or no GED at the age of 40 when i have way more potential than that?

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