Friday, December 4, 2009

New Video Of Me I Broke Down

how fucking great is that lol. smh =/ but here's to know what's been going on with me.

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  1. omg this is so crazii...

    listen to me right quick please

    i am a senior in college with no clue as to what i want to do...i have been rejected so many times that i dont have ne more fingers...i also want to know why? but i am trying to keep the faith!

    i also tried to work for jc penny last winter break and girl they did me the same way...i simply walked in and had my first interview and everything went fine (in my head im like ok this may just be my lil break). the manager wanted to hire me on the spot but he said that i had to do one more interview but i pretty much had the job in the bag. OKAY so tell me why he gave me his number and everything and he told if i didnt hear frm him in three days to call three days roll by and i call him like maybe 10-15...i kept getting voicemail...left like 5 this day i havent heard from i was just like you like okay God why would you close this door only to have it close in my face...

    i also have a mentor that i keep up with and i never have good news for her as far as i am we are going through alot of similar things...this is crazii

    YOU ARE NOT ALONE honey...i so feel you...right now things arent going the way i want them but i am trusting and believing that God has something for me because i have simply been too patient for too long so i know my stocks are about to add up

    btw i watch you on youtube and have watched you since you started...god has something you...dont give day your blessing will have an amazing way of getting your point across and you need to use that...also keep doing you...stay real and you should be ok

    also btw this my last lil thing i know this post is long but girl you just dont know when i saw this vid it was like i was looking at myself in a mirror but neways let me know when something pops up for you and ill do the same to you:)_

    xoxo Dominique (youtube name: uniquesinger)