Monday, December 7, 2009

Thank You to the people for the advice with my video

only one person made a comment on here but i got some good feedback from people on youtube and on tumblr.i appreciate it alot.i hope that i can use you guys wisdom that you gave me and let it actually help me with my process moving forward.cause it is hard.not knowing when things are going to go right.not being able to do the things that you should be able to do as a teenager.i dont complain about it outside of my to others it may not seem that hard but it truly is.thank God im able to somewhat dress the way that i want to dress and live ina nice home but things are harder then they seem.all just try to keep having faith like i been have and trying to push.but it does get hard to keep pushing when things still turn out the same in the end.but i appreciate the wisdom and positive feedback and love.its glad to know im not alone people can relate and i found out some people cared that i wasnt expecting to care.and the ones that i expected to didnt say it says a lot.and lets me know i need to reevaluate who im calling "friends".

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