Monday, December 28, 2009

New Year's Resolutions


nah let me break it down though even though thats everything to sum it up

* get a job or pray that i start the job that i was told i had -___-
* pass this last test get my GED and start college
* control my anger and letting certain things get to me as much as they do
* get my driver’s permit/license
* take up spanish (yall are taking over)
* take culinary classes
* get fit and active
* be more social example:keeping in touch more and e.t.c
* go to church more and start reading the bible outside of church
* think more positive.
* learn that not everyone that you were once close or cool with are going to be around for forever or were meant to be.just learn to cherish the memories and move on as soon as possible and not dwell.
* get my tats and piercings
* travel to at least NY and MA by myself or with friends.
* try to be more of a neat freak.
*be more confident
*get a professional camera and get into photography but just as a hobby but leanr the art and craft of it.

im sure there is more.these are my goals period and what i been trying to its not necessarily only new years resolutions.but i say it is cause i want to try harder with it starting the next year.

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