Thursday, May 27, 2010


HI GUYS! i havent been on here in so longggg
so much has happened but yet not really lol
forgive me! i havent had any interest to be on here. so blogger just slipped my mind. thought about it a couple of times but never really had the urge to say YEAH IM GOING TO CHECK IT OUT! womp not really lol. they need to update this thing. to have more features to make it funner. like tumblr! cause i dont blog blog like that. but yes ill probably upload a couple of my videos. since i got back on doing that. and that could update yall on whats going on with me. oh and thanks and shout outs to kareem for posting my video on his blog =] um yeah. and i think i will get back to writing on here. cause there's things i need to vent about that i choose not to on tumblr.and wouldnt want to talk about on a video. but yes missed you guys! dont worry im back!... for now! lmao

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