Thursday, May 27, 2010

my natural hair journey

SO this is one of the things that is new in my life now a days.i am now COMPLETELY natural with my hair! meaning no chemicals (ill probably dye my hair eventually though) no heat no perm NONE OF THAT! =] if you didnt know i had been natural since december when i cut my hair VERY short. because of my bad perm situations. muy hair was no longer taking to the perms. and my hair broke off VERY bad. idk why because it was a perm i was using for awhile. so i said fuck that no more perms all natural! but i was still going to the salons and pressing and curling and styling my hair. so i wasnt completely natural because i wanted my hair to get to a certain length and grow a bit more. but i finally grew the balls. being that i was tired of going to the salon and not getting my moneys worth. with my hair being natural and its texture my hairstyles wouldnt last very long like they used to without puffing up and shit.

so i finally grew the balls and took some pics of my afro hair which is my original texture and people liked it. and i felt good i looked good with it. but i wanted to get natural curls. which is what i have now! =] i dont want to rock a plain old afro right now. maybe once im more happier with my length. and so far im very happy with it! i love it! i feel liberated i feel good! im so into the natural hair now. and looking at photos of women with natural hair. and all o9f this afrocentric stuff lol. i find it very beautiful and think all women should embrace it! i literally just started about 2 or 3 weeks ago =]!

here's some photos of me with my natural hair!