Friday, June 25, 2010

michael jacksons one year anniversary death

i waited so long to do this ever since i started my 365 blog ( the blog where i post a pic for everyday check it out! ) lol. i wasnt able to do it to the fullest like i wanted to but hey! i still had fun doing it. i cant believe its been a year since you passed! we were talking about you for MONTHS! im celebrating your legacy and life just like i did last year. i mean i most def cried a lot. im surprised im not crying now honestly! listening to your music yesterday gave me the same good unexplainable chill it always does.but it feels a bit weird cause you arent here at all. i still cant believe it! i wasnt expecting to cry over no damn celebrity. but i cried SO hard.

i grew up on your music through my parents. i remember them recording whatever was of you on our television no matter what . every time i heard your music or seen your videos to this day i am amazed. no gassin you! just real talk mr. jackson! lol i can always remember the memories that went along with your music and me listening to your songs for the first time. i def miss you! if eel like a cornball writing this shit like its a letter but fuck it. its for you today so hey! why not?

well..i dont want to say too much because i did a big ass posts (longer than this can you believe that?! lol ) on you last year and a video when you passed. ill probably do another video with this outfit on!. all i want to say is that i miss you! everyone does who loved your music and you as a person!! felt liek we knew you just from your music alone. i can only imagine how your family felt and are still feeling smh you will never be forgotten. i dont care what the negative people say or think. (though i may have laughed at a few of them jokes! sorry! if they funny the funny! dont hate me! ) it doesnt change my opinion. just like i cant change theirs. but i hope you are least resting in peace finally mr. king of pop. nobody will ever be as great of an musician and make an impact like you did in my eyes at least!


OK , im done being all gay now! lmao

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