Thursday, January 6, 2011

i know what i want in my man

and i cant even allow myself to say i like someone at this point in time if the signs of a slight crush might be there. because i see the signs of what would be a fuck up and get me hurt so i automatically put up that wall and tell myself NO GINA you will not fall into like with this person lol move the fuck on. i just want someone that will call not just because theyre bored but because they actually enjoy talking to me and hearing my voice. i want someone who will go the extra mile sincerely to show how much they care. and go the extra mile to make ANY type of quality time with me no matter what their so called busy schedule is. i want someone who can be able to calm me down when im upset or down and give me great words of wisdom to help me get through tough times and stick by me. i want someone who will be honest damn it. even if it may hurt me. itll hurt me more to find out that you lied about something important. i want some one who is not too prideful to admit their faults. especially when its clear as day that you done fucked up.i want someone that will be compassionate and understanding. i dont want some type of asshole. i want someone who is willing to open up to me. letting me know whens something wrong going on in their life. understand that thats what im there for. and truly appreciate that. i want some one who is driven and strong. i want some one who can make me laugh until i cant breathe anymore. and most of all i want someone who will simple just respect me. and everything that i stated adds up to respect. just RESPECT AND LOVE ME.

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