Thursday, May 21, 2009


ON POINT GIRL GET IT!i seen a demo of a youtube vid
of sum girls doin these dance moves b4 the videocame out taday like a month or 2 ago.
but it was defentivate that this would the moves nd it is! UH-OH!ANOTHA VIDEO WE GOTTA LEARN LADIES! LMAO THIS ONE IS MORE CHALLENGING lol and i still never did the single ladies video.
i should have because it seems like all the people who did videos.were like not as thick as me (im saying that cuz beyonce is thick HELLO)or were gay or werent on point or were kinda makin up they own shit in btwn.
and i wanted to do some dance videos regardless cuz i have other talents and i be gettin it lol.but NEWAY! here it is :)

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