Wednesday, May 27, 2009

im back on my lazy mode lol

4reals yo lol i havent been ta class in weeks.mayb almost a month.i dont neccessairly HAVE to go becuz i covered all of the things i need to cover dat will be on my math test.BUT i have a retention problem,so the smart thing to do like i intended was to go ta class still just ta get SOME type of work.cause we dont want me to take the test and not pass.Lord i hope i remembered everything that i learned lol.i have like wha? 3 weeks.OH EM GEE. now ima go ta class at least 3 ta 2 times a week since im drawing closer and so scared.cuz like i need a 45o.what if i take the test and like pass but dont get the EXACT score dat i need? i hope they'll let me slide! DOUBT IT! :/ lol ima hafta take mayb my writing test over cause im better at writing and i didnt do so well on that i did above average but i have a better chance of getting a higher grade on that den the math lol.and i hope i can take it and get a higher score without having to take the classes again.grr the pressure lmao pray for meee

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