Wednesday, May 27, 2009

idk how theis job thing is gonna turn out

sooo this is the update.the already opened on may 24th =/. which means didnt get the job.YET.supposedly once the store opened they werent gonna be to sure if they would need more depending upon how the store does den ill know for sure if im not gonna get it or am.idk i feel like just saying fuck it.cuz the store already opened lol.but where its located they would attract more attention so some part of me is telling me that they'll need more people.and once they do they'll call us and we in there :) so ima still try to keep my fingers crossed.but im feeling like i should just start looking for a job elsewhere.ugh im 2 lazy for dat like well shit if i couldnt get a job where i HAD connections and with the way the economy is goin rite now as well? then how in da HELL am i gonna get a fucking job on my own?! when theres people more desvering or more quailified.i know id be a good employee but if i cant get an interview then they cant see that.and i never get a call back or an interview.times is def hard man.its bout ta be summa o9,im 18 now and i wanna live it up! i wanna travel out of state! i wanna get my tats nd piercings! i wanna get fit nd get my swagga rite.i dont even dress how i want to dress.i dont know when the last time i went on a shopping sucks. i feel like this year is gonna suck.i mean its had its high moments barely but when are things gonna change? smh

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