Friday, May 15, 2009

your bland kinda and i feel i could walk all over you

soo after like writing in here last nite i went up stairs to go lay down nd chill b4 i fell asleep.and i started thinkin some more about the whole situation, and i realized dat theres nothing wrong wit me not having feelins for him i got to know him as people do when there dating ro talking to someone and i just lost intrest lol. hes a really nice guy but hes not talkative enuff for me like i said,hes personality i guess aint enuff.i need more ehthusiasim and charisma and shit like MEE :) lol nd hes like bland wit it like just not enuff.he has many momments where hes funny nd shit but yea.and i think hes afraid of me lmao cuz he knows how blunt i can be and shit theres been times where ive yelled at my brothas nd shit nd said like shut up or i wasnt talkin ta u nd he be like sorryyy like hes scared or sumthing lmfao.hes seems innocenrtly immature at times.he needs sum growing up to do.i hope he doesnt read dis cuz den dis might get him mad.

so neway i broke it to him of course i didnt say all of dat cuz i actually i didnt reallty come ta dat conclusion all 2getha until AFTER i told him. and he was like i knew sumthing was up i was bout to ask you.and he was like its koo i am sad thou cuz we wasnt goin out nd i guess he was on da verge of askin and shit.but yea we still koo he still my bookie nd im still his cookie lol i hope i dont try ta switch up my feelins if he goes out wit or talks ta sumone else grr lol i doubt it thou

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